About Us

Bakony Meat Processing Plant is located 5 km to Veszprém, in the heart of Hungary. It has played a significant role on the domestic food market since 1950. Búzakalász66 Felcsút Mg. Kft acquired the plant with a past of nearly 60 years in order to manufacture meat products to which pork could be by provided from its own pig population; on the other hand, the company intended to launch products on the market which do not contain harmful additives, by taking into consideration the growing demand of the consumers for reliable and healthy products.

Our activity in the plant with a basic area of 4,400 m2 covers slaughtering, meet processing as well as retail and wholesale trading. Our capacity provides slaughtering of 96,000 pigs and those manufacture of 1,920 tons of meat products.

High expertise and suitable technology are requisite to quality products. For this reason we develop our products continuously and extend the equipment of the plant to provide the efficiency of the production at the highest possible level with modern machines. We have highly qualified experts with many years’ experience, however, the young generation also have a chance to prove their expertise.

The range of products offered by Bakony Meat Processing Plant includes red meat products, cold cuts, bacons, hams as well as paste meat products, beyond dry ones. The speciality of our products is due to the fact that they are free of GMO, gluten and lactose, and they do not contain any harmful additives.

We supply products to the major foreign and domestic store chains in Hungary, including Auchan, Spar, Penny, CBA and Coop stores. At present our export activity is directed to the territory of Russia. Our major export products are smoked sliced bacon, smoked sausage and tourist salami as well as various cold cuts.